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Install Locally

Install Haskell

You will need GHC 8.0.2 - 8.10.7. I recommend using ghcup to get it.

Install Nibbles

Download the latest version (or old), unpack it then compile it.

> cd nibbles > ghc -O -package ghc *.hs

This creates the nibbles binary. You will need to run nibbles code from this directory unless you install the libraries below.

Note on libraries

The .tgz file contains the source of the libraries it depends on. If you prefer to instead download them do so as follows.

> rm -r Data # (removes the predownloaded libraries) > cabal install --lib dlist split murmur-hash memoize

Other versions of Haskell

Other versions of Haskell might work, I just haven't tried them yet. You may run all the nibbles tests to check compatibility with ruby test/testall.rb. Please let me know if you have any troubles with 8.0.2 - 8.10.7 or if you are able to get other versions to work and how.