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Self Interpreter

Minus is very new so there might be some bugs. If you find any in the C Interpreted version, let me know please by emailing me (minus a_t darrenks.com).

Main Interpreted Version

The most useful implementation of Minus is this one, it is written in ansi c. Simplicity has been completely sacrificed to make it as fast as possible and support all of the standard extensions.

Code is converted to a byte code format and then executed. It is pretty fast, running my prime number printer in about 1.5 seconds. (See computer language shootout) (The same algorithm coded in straight c runs in about 0.75 seconds).

To C compiler

This is not all that useful yet, it was a test to see how fast Minus code is if compiled to C. It only supports the basic Minus operations. Compiled prime number printer executed in about 1.0 seconds. It is probably possible to make an even faster compiler if you compile straight to assembly so that you can use the instruction pointer as c, instead of having to increment c after every instruction.

Basic Implementation

This is no longer useful as the C Interpreter is much faster and supports more features, but it might be useful to see the simplicity of the language. Since it is written in ruby integer size is unbounded which might also be useful for some tasks.

Short Implementation

Currently 165 bytes and extremely inefficient. Small size comes at the cost of clarity, speed, supported features, and nasty error message at exit of program.

If you are into this type of thing you might be interested in code golf or shinh's experimental golf server.