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Minus is an esoteric programming language with only 1 instruction, the -= operator. It gets its power by allowing the -= to be applied to the location of code execution and a pointer to memory.

If you would like to learn how to write Minus programs, start by reading the basics and downloading the interpreter.


Sep 19, 2007: Fixed bug that caused eof to return 255 instead of -1

Feb 27, 2007: Added error message if used on non existant files.
Of 43 possible languages, Minus manages to be the shortest for the particular problem of printing fibonacci numbers!

Feb 25, 2007: Fixed bug with taking a random number when r=0 iminus.c, thanks Mark.
Input characters are now treated as unsigned chars instead of signed.

Feb 21, 2007: Fixed bug loading file in iminus.c, thanks Clive.

Feb 19, 2007: Added self interpretation page.

Feb 17, 2007: Minus can now be used at golf.shinh.org. A site full of challenges to make the shortest program (many other languages available too).

Feb 16, 2007: Added the ! to enable placement of input within the file (this is to allow nesting of self interpreters).

Feb 13, 2007: Fixed bug in c interpreter that caused program to exit if c was set to -1

Feb 12, 2007: This site was created